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Shaun Harris Racing

Working hard so we have happy horses and owners.

Our mission statement

“We want each horse on our yard to achieve the best they are capable of.

We work hard with each one as an individual to help them realise this potential, at whatever level”.

 Our Values

• horses are at the heart of what we do

• the happiness and welfare of the horses in our care is a key priority for us

• we run our business on sound principles with an ethical approach

• we are open and approachable and accessible to owners

• we believe in horsemanship

• we offer value for money

Our ethos

We believe that happy, healthy horses have a better chance on the racecourse and our team works hard to ensure each horse receives the care and attention required, from feeding to exercise and race plans. All the horses are turned out as much as possible as we believe in “letting horses be horses” and our horses really enjoy their time in the field but they are also happy to spend “quiet time” in their stables.

We try to ensure the horses in our care enjoy a positive racecourse experience and we pay particular attention to their care before and after the race.​

Our horses often hack out and enjoy jumping small logs in the woods, we also work with them on the lunge and in the manege so they have variety in their work and exercise.